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Clayton Candle LLC., is a small business located in Liberty Hill, Texas. The owner, Malia, developed a special bond with Jaycee while picking out a candle for his bonus mom, Amanda. While picking out a candle, Jaycee was having a hard time reading the cursive text, but Malia showed no frustration and politely told Jaycee every single scent he asked about. Not knowing he was legally blind, she let him know that the scents were listed on the candles, and Jaycee told her that he couldn't read cursive. Malia told Jaycee, "You know what, I can't either, I think I just chose it cause it was cute." And after that encounter, Jaycee unknowingly inspired the label change. Jaycee made an impact wherever he went, and his community truly miss him. Click here to see more products from our favorite candle maker! 


Pink Sand

Room Spray


This fragrance is a tropical and floral blend with a hint of sweetness. The top notes of coconut, melon, and berries give it a refreshing and fruity aroma, while the mid notes of beach flowers and clove leaf add a touch of natural, oceanic scents. The base notes of vanilla, musk, and woods provide a warm and woodsy finish, making it perfect for a day at the beach or a summer evening out. Overall, this fragrance is a perfect combination of fresh, floral and woody notes that evoke memories of a tropical paradise.


For Use:

With just a spray or two, you can quickly add your favorite fragrance to any room.

Great for refreshing before guest and perfect to keep handy in a bathroom.

I personally use this for my mop water and carpet cleaner, and it is magnificent! 

Endless Weekend Room Spray

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